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Next-Gen Medical Meeting Tech
By Nikki Gloudeman
August, 2013
State-of-the-Art Videoconferencing
Deborah Hinson, partner and brand strategist for The Hinson Group, a third-party medical meeting planner, says videoconferencing helps reduce costs and enhance participation for remote participants at medical meetings. And because videoconferencing systems are smaller and more portable than ever, they can now be brought into surgical suites and other nontraditional arenas—something that wasn’t possible until very recently.  To read the entire article, click here.
Healthcare Meeting Manager Designation Moving Forward 
BySue Pelletier
May 15, 2013
A group of 11 item-writing subject matter experts in all things related to planning medical meetings met in Chicago May 5-7 to develop the exam that will be used for the Convention Industry Council’s healthcare subspecialty to the Certified Meeting Professional program. This brings the designation, which had been in the works since 2009 under the imprimatur of the International Medical Meeting Professionals Association until the CIC took it on in 2012, a giant step further toward becoming a reality.

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All Hands on Deck
​By Margery Stein
November 1, 2000 
It's a brilliant day, cloudless and golden, and your sailboat is gleaming from bow to stern, the rippling waves reflecting off its shiny hull. The wind is strong, pushing you over the whitecaps at 6 to 7 knots. As it picks up speed, suddenly you're having a great sail, fast and loose, with 12 to 18 knots just ahead of the beam. The boat skims easily over the smooth swells, and clouds working northeast make for a gorgeous sky. You raise your sails, and you're dipping and soaring in the not-so-gentle breeze. It's a rollicking ride, with lots of spray. You breathe in the sweet air, feeling keenly alive, and it's as if you could go on sailing forever. How many people get to do this at a company meeting, you ask yourself?

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A Conference Unlike Any Other. Deborah Hinson to Lead Session on Unconventional Venue Sourcing. 
The Q1 Productions Life Science Innovative Meeting Management conference (IMM 2014) will address a wide variety of topics across multiple program tracks in order to suit the varied challenges of the exciting and dynamic attendee audience. General sessions will focus on unconventional venue sourcing, execution of compliant and effective global meetings, meeting architecture and contract negotiation strategies. In-depth tracked sessions will provide focused conversation on the challenges and best practices for the life science meeting planner, 3rd party meeting planner, investigator meeting organizers, and convention organizers. Given the variety of specific challenges in delivering meaningful content and programs, tracked sessions will allow for a customized program for each attendee.
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The Waiting Game
​By David Farkal
December, 2001 
​Bill Hyde recalls an encounter last March with Palm Management Group CEO Fred Thimm. The men were on an American Express junket at Beaver Creek Ski Resort in Colorado, and Hyde, CEO of Ruth's Chris Steak House, was wondering about business at his rival's restaurants. "Mine really sucks," he volunteered. It turned out Thimm's did too. But then, so did everyone's in the luxury steak segment.  

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Hinson to Speak at exl Pharma Summit                  PARTNERING FOR SUCCESS
Best Practices for Building and Managing Relationships That are Beneficial and Valuable for All Involved Parties

Hinson to Lead Session at Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit
Better Understand the Evolving Medical and Pharmaceutical Meetings Market and the Impact That It Can Have on Your Business